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About us

The only truly vertically integrated manufacturer of hemp products in Europe. We manage the process from seed to shelf without third party integration. Whole process takes place in one place, under one management team with appropriate SOP’s and certification. We take hemp business seriously and throughout our journey we learned that vertical integration is the only way to ensure consistency of quality and supply.

We are a Polish manufacturer of hemp products containing CBD. Our business was established in 2020. The reason for its establishment was the desire to integrate all production processes in one place, only this made it possible to obtain the highest quality CBD (not from crystalline CBD, but from alcohol or CO2 extraction). Currently, we supervise the entire process in the factory, from cultivation to the final product.

Previously, we tried to obtain good material for production. However, we quickly realized that the cannabis market was dominated by low-quality products and virtually no premium products. Even companies offering the most expensive products obtain them from “white label” manufacturers. The possibility of determining the true origin of such products is minimal, and therefore the consumer cannot be sure what he is actually buying.

After several “checks”, we concluded that the only way to offer a unique product is to integrate everything in one place. Thanks to this, our offer is based on our own crops, processed on site and packed in our plant located near Koszalin.

This means that the quality of our plants directly translates into a product whose quality is much higher than that offered by leading brands on the market.

Our crops are cultivated without pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides. We also put a lot of effort into selective hemp cultivation, where, through experience, we select only plants that show the best parameters and content of compounds. Both in terms of cannabinoid concentration and terpene profile.

Over the last year, we have managed to obtain HACCP certification for hemp processing at our facility. The range of products we offer is limited because we are still at the R&D stage and researching the market. Our experience gained over recent years and cooperation with leading suppliers in the industry allow us to quickly adapt our offer to market needs.

As farmers with many years of experience, we pursue our passion on our own farm as well as in collaboration with other farmers through contracting, training, and procurement.

For several years, we have also been hemp cultivators. Cultivating them perfectly aligns with the philosophy of sustainable agriculture. We provide top-quality hemp flowers, dried material, and seeds from industrial hemp.

We specialize in cultivating grasses for seed production, honey plants such as phacelia and buckwheat, as well as herbs and medicinal plants. Our farm covers over 300 hectares and includes a modern drying facility and machinery park.


Paweł Nowe
Apostolos Antoniou
Alex Antoniou

Original funders of business. The team is responsible for strategic planning and implementation of Company’s goals and objectives. The core responsibilities include:

  • representation and corporate communication
  • support in the implementation and optimization of strategic targets
  • managing priorities based on the business development plan, including defining tasks and objectives
  • participation in design methodology and processes,
  • support for various interest groups,
  • development of standard procedures and maintenance of business continuity plan

The primary role for Senior Leadership Team is focus on cohesive and collaborative approach of all stakeholders to ensure success of our business. Through knowledge and constant analysis of the market we can recognise its needs and respond with taylor made solutions.

One of the original Funders of business

Janusz combines practical and scientific knowledge with advanced technologies. This allows us to  turn theory into innovative projects. We invest in modern equipment, which ensures safety and flexibility of production.

Core responsibilities include:

  • cultivation of plants, R&D in cultivation methods to ensure highest quality with good yields
  • production planning,
  • supply of raw materials for production, materials for Quality Control and R&D activities,
  • staff training and development

Mariusz Lewandowski – MD

Marius has been appointed to oversee day to day running and representation of business on local market. His vast experience in consumer market, pharmaceutical industry and understanding of business development are invaluable.

The basic competences of this department include acquiring new customers and business partners, conducting commercial negotiations and concluding contracts. Achieving the assumed financial (revenue) and quality goals (customer type, country, market, channel, margin) while controlling costs. Conducting marketing activities to implement appropriate campaigns. Checking the correctness and timeliness of submitting orders for execution. Checking the correctness and timeliness of responding to inquiries and other letters from domestic and foreign customers.

Rafał Turowski

Involved in the business from early stages, Rafal has good understanding of the hemp and wider Consumer Market.

The CFO duties include:

  • Management Of financial operations
  • Reporting, cash flow management and forecasting
  • Overseeing finanscial decisions and commitments
  • Advising Senior Leaders Team on financial matters
  • Strategy advise
  • Risk management and business continuity plans
  • Compliance

Our research

We are constantly working on an offer of cosmetics and creams with CBD for topical use. We currently planning new series of creams and topical products consisting of:

  • moisturizing anti-ageing face cream
  • moisturizing eye cream
  • pain relief cream for joints and muscles
  • gel for skin diseases such as eczema, etc
  • CBD lubricant
  • CBD oils for animals
  • CBD oil capsules
  • pain relief suppositories with CBD

Certificates, approvals and tests


Certyfikat Analizy

Zakład toksykologii i analizy żywności Sp. z o.o


Certyfikat Analizy

Zakład toksykologii i analizy żywności Sp. z o.o





Certificate of Analysis

HACCP registration PL


Certificate of Analysis

ORGANIC registration certificate PL

Our services

CBD-infused hemp products with your logo.

Our company specializes in contract production of CBD products and CBD-based food supplements. As part of this, we provide innovative technological facilities, extensive knowledge of qualified specialists and a package of practical information helpful when introducing new products to the market.

Contract production of food supplements takes place in Poland. We guarantee honest and ethical operation, and we treat each order with full professionalism. All stages and processes occurring as part of contract production meet detailed quality and safety requirements. We offer reliable knowledge and comprehensive assistance in the field of product design, formulation development, preparation of registration documentation and production. From the start cooperation with us you will benefit that the Company fully controls production at all stages. From the selection of plants for their growth and appropriate quality to the final product, because entire process takes place at our plant near Koszalin.

Plants ready for harvest

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hempfarm-rośliny-gotowe-do-zbiorów (3)

Hemp harvest

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WhatsApp Image 2020-09-07 at 15.43.06

Natural drying


Dried for extraction

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WhatsApp Image 2020-10-16 at 10.32.05
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For Business to Business customers

We offer:

For suppliers

At HempFarm, we handle the entire supply chain from the field to processing and production of the final product. We use all parts of the plant  – flower, fibre, pulp and grains – to produce various end products with very high purity. If you want to become a supplier, please get in touch

Our current products:

EquiHemp Animal Feed series

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